Lisa Brown, Chartered Insurance Professional

Lisa Brown, Canadian Accredited Insurance BrokerLisa’s passion for the insurance industry was sparked by her mother and mentor, Nancy Brown, more than 20 years ago.  On many occasions, even prior to the beginning of her career, Lisa was shown how an insurance policy tailored to meet a client’s needs can be essential to protecting the client’s livelihood. Lisa is now committed to bringing that same level of dedication to all of her clients.

Gifted with an analytical mind and a healthy dose of determination, Lisa is fairly obsessed with insurance policy wordings. Her focus stems from her commitment to customer advocacy. Insurance policy wordings can be tedious and complex, which makes having an experienced Insurance Broker who understands policy language vitally important.

Knowing her clients and their individual camps and programs strengthens Lisa’s ability to identify areas that may require specialized coverages.  These relationships are paramount to her ability to advocate on behalf of clients and protect their interests.

Lisa has known many of her clients for years, and demonstrates her commitment to their continuing success by:

  • Asking the right questions to determine their unique insurance needs;
  • Effectively communicating policy language;
  • Tailoring policies to fit each client’s unique needs; and
  • Carefully analyzing policy wordings to circumvent potential problems.

Growing up, Lisa watched her mother protect her clients by being a staunch advocate on their behalf. Privileged to serve many of those same clients and their children, Lisa Brown proudly carries on this family tradition.

To contact Lisa Brown to discuss your insurance needs, please call: 905-948-2698 or email